War Criminal Motiur Rahman Nizami - Brief Bio

Image: Motiur Rahman Nizami, War Criminal

মুক্তিযুদ্ধের স্মৃতি সংরক্ষণ কেন্দ্রের - "মইত্যা রাজাকার আর 'পাঁচ তহবিলের' মাওলানা ঃ নিজামী-সাঈদীর একাত্তরের চেহারা" [LINK]

Nizami carried out a wide range of activities against the war of independence in 1971. At the time he was president of Jamaat's youth 

front, the Islami Chattra Sangha (ICS, or Islamic Student's Organisation). Under his direct supervision, and leadership, the Al-Badr force was set-up to eliminate freedom fighters. Nizami was the commander-in-chief of the Al-Badrs.

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